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The events are actual marketing tools that contribute to make your brand strong and visible, enhancing the identity and recognizability of your company. This allows you to reinforce the bound with current clients and acquiring new ones.

The events ensure the highest return on the investment (ROI)*, more than any other form of advertising or communication.
Therefore, if you want to organize events with the internal staff, if you wish to improve the performance of your company, ask Iantra for a full course.

With Iantra Event Academy you can have a consultancy service to train your staff in the organization of events.
Two days of full immersion with experienced, skillful trainers to analyze all the organizational steps of events in order to make them really effective: powerful marketing tools to create motivation and consequently increase the company performance.

Logo Certified Meeting Executive ItaliaIn 2015 Elisa Griso, Head of Events and Communication department, obtained the professional certification of Certified Meeting Executive through the chapter Italia of MPI.
The Chapter Italia of Meeting Professionals International is recognized as founder entity of the Economic Development Minister and take care of the register of the professionals and certified techs.

* Source: Osservatorio sul Marketing B2B, research conducted by Cribis D&B in collaboration with Associazione Italiana Marketing (AISM)

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