About us

Based in Verona, we are an

event company

and incentive agency with an international spirit and a digital & creative approach.

We create bespoke experiences for your company in Verona, across Italy and around the world. Our strategic and creative direction makes your events stand out, supported by an operations team that tends to every detail.

As a corporate events and incentives agency, we go beyond the scope. We begin by listening to your story, then design and execute tailored experiences.

For over 25 years we have been committed to innovation, consistently crafting and delivering experiences that allow your brand to excel.


Claudia Gozzi Claudia Gozzi

Claudia Gozzi

general manager

She coordinates every event with passion. As a conductor of an orchestra she seeks harmony from each instrument, with her there can be no wrong notes. For years, she has been committed to build and respect a professional ethical code, to study and constantly make improvements both in her work and life.
Mood: extremely curious
Fun facts: an incredible passion for the United Kingdom!
Elisa Griso Elisa Griso

Elisa Griso

event and communication manager

She is dynamic and energetic and always engaged in events and travels. She is not afraid of dealing with big numbers, from conventions with thousands of guests to 42km marathons. She takes care of the events and manages the communication activities with passion.
Mood: ambitious goals, committed starts!
Fun facts: between bike and race, the Kms covered exceed the length of the Equator!
Gabriele Lugli Gabriele Lugli

Gabriele Lugli

incentives and development

He has 40 years of experience, demonstrated through his competence, professionalism and absolute knowledge of any destination in the world. He attends corporate clients by scheduling and planning motivational trips. Developing the business is his goal, his motivation and ambition.
Mood: his style rules
Fun facts: he knows more than a geography manual
Simonetta Gnugnoli Simonetta Gnugnoli

Simonetta Gnugnoli

head of the accounting department

She is the pillar of the company and has the responsibility to precisely manage customers and suppliers, to cope with figures, banks and rigorous bookkeeping. Self-ironic, she is the first to make fun of herself and inspiring her colleagues.
Mood: elegantly aggressive
Fun facts: like a wizard, she’s amazing at bringing everything back in order
Alice Zamberlan Alice Zamberlan

Alice Zamberlan

accounting department

Methodical and precise when it comes to numbers, she is always ready to overcome any work challenge. Her adventurous spirit makes her fearless in the face of any obstacle!
Mood: on the road! Whether on a motorcycle or in an RV, adventure is what matters to her!
Fun facts: rock’n’roll and tattoos... she’s tough but tender-hearted! 😊
Franco Marretta Franco Marretta

Franco Marretta

accounting and management control

Methodical and precise, he supports the management of banks and suppliers. He is too good at numbers! His aplomb and kindness motivate the whole office.
Mood: Ohm!
Fun facts: India Mon amour!
Elena Belladelli Elena Belladelli

Elena Belladelli

senior project manager

Professional and confident. Experience is her strength and simplicity one of her main traits, allowing her to work in harmony and with success. She establishes partnerships and follows the customers with responsibility and dedication, leaving nothing to chance.
Mood: romantic dreamer
Fun facts: if she could, she would work from the sunbed on the beach
Marinella Capuzzo Marinella Capuzzo

Marinella Capuzzo

senior project manager

Empathetic and sociable, always willing to face any challenge calmly and serenely, thanks to long work experience. She prefers working in a team, where she conveys confidence by encouraging people.
Mood: serial walker, in company but also on her own
Fun facts: Maldives enthusiast and mountain lover
Fiamma Salomoni Fiamma Salomoni

Fiamma Salomoni

project manager

Enterprising and outgoing, she manages events with meticulous attention to detail and coordinates the team with synergy and practicality. In the office she is often right, but even if she is not, it is better not to challenge her.
Mood: Don’t challenge her!
Fun facts: Soft-spoken
Benedetta Di Cosmo Benedetta Di Cosmo

Benedetta Di Cosmo

junior account

Cheerful and helpful, she is always ready to support those around her. She loves taking on new challenges and immersing herself in every new project.
Mood: the best way to face the days is with a smile and a coffee!
Fun facts: passionate about concerts, travel, Formula 1 and everything that is pure adrenaline!
Camilla Bonaldi Camilla Bonaldi

Camilla Bonaldi

junior account

Her curiosity leads her to passionately engage in many different activities, from oriental cooking to techno music. Always ready for new experiences, she carefully plans all her adventures, ensuring to always find a moment to dedicate to her passion for yoga.
Mood: like black, she goes with everything
Fun facts: she has studied many languages… to make friends with anyone
Giulia Murari Giulia Murari

Giulia Murari

junior project manager

Outgoing and dynamic, she is always in tune with the latest trends. A lover of novelty, she brings a touch of freshness and innovation wherever she goes.
Mood: always on the lookout for new trends
Fun facts: reggaeton and Caribbean beaches are her passion
Lorenzo Griso Lorenzo Griso

Lorenzo Griso

organizational secretariat

A neat freak, he works in the events department, making attention and precision his strengths, which he applies especially in data management. His indefatigable mind never stops and he likes to keep it constantly in training with puzzles and consulting vocabularies, Italian language is a great passion of his.
Mood: reflective
Fun facts: he loves having lunch with a sandwich
Francesca Esposito Francesca Esposito

Francesca Esposito

ticketing and business travel

Traveller and NBA lover, she draws the world’s routes in her mind and then accompanies all our clients virtually. Precision and empathy are her strengths, she loves discovering new destinations and marking them in her diary.
Mood: details always make a difference!
Fun facts: lover of experiential tourism
Sara Schiavo Sara Schiavo

Sara Schiavo

ticketing and business travel

Every customer is a priority for her and she plans the travels as if they were her own. Always looking for new adventures, if she is not in the office or around the world, you will find her cooking some Neapolitan dishes.
Mood: explosion of joy
Fun facts: challenging her in the kitchen is a lost game
Elisabetta Cordioli Elisabetta Cordioli

Elisabetta Cordioli

business travel

Intuitive and multifaceted, she does not lack imagination. Wandering around the world, she has captured its colors, faces and scents. She has turned her work into a passion to share with all travelers.
Mood: calm is the virtue of the strong!
Fun facts: lover of theater, art and cats!
Ferdinando Zanetti Ferdinando Zanetti

Ferdinando Zanetti

graphic designer

Passionate about videomaking and advertising graphics, he creates and designs all creative materials for events and incentives. Occasionally he fantasises about the adventures of Star Wars or some sci-fi film, then comes back to our world and brings with him new concepts to develop.
Mood: a pizza a day keeps the doctor away!
Fun facts: sometimes his day is 52 hours for all the hobbies he pursues
Alejandra Amortegui Alejandra Amortegui

Alejandra Amortegui

photographer & video-maker

Creative by vocation, she’s an expert at conveying experiences, concepts and emotions through images, be it video or photo. You’ll either find her immersed in thoughts on how to implement a creative idea, or planning the trajectory for her next aerial shooting with her drone.
Mood: positivity is her mantra
Fun facts: she speaks English, Spanish and Italian (sometimes simultaneously!)
Alessandra Slanzi Alessandra Slanzi

Alessandra Slanzi

Forever with us.

Our Code of Ethics represents our commitment and embodies our values of integrity, honesty, and transparency. It guides our business decisions and ensures consistency between our values and our actions. It is our promise to contribute to economic development and civic growth while respecting each individual, each resource and, of course, our planet.

At Iantra, we strive for business success while also promoting community. Our Code of Ethics helps us put these principles into practice every day.

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