5 April 2019 | Vicenza

Client: Berner

The #bhungry claim was the key to the Convention that ended with an evening of fun.
Again this year, we collaborated with Berner planning the annual convention.

Vicenza Exhibition Center, the chosen venue, is an avant-garde structure characterized by a modern architecture and wide spaces which gave the possibility to host more than 650 guests, coming from all around Italy.

Berner Convention #bhungry Vicenza

The staff included more than 20 members, a key element in order to guarantee a smooth coordination throughout all the duration of the event: transfers, logistics, safety and welcome desk registration.

Berner Convention #bhungry Vicenza

The special guest of this edition was a motivational speaker and performance coach: Alex Bellini. The explorer who faced all kinds of adventures around the world gave a speech on personal and business growth, conveying the message that continuous improvement and motivation can only be achieved by teamwork and passion.

The convention named #bhungry ended with a gala dinner and party.

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