10 - 17 June 2018 | Ibiza

Client: Fratelli Beltrame s.p.a.

New challenge, same old passion! In order to plan the travel incentive which the Fratelli Beltrame wished for, we have been in steady contact with the company for more than one year. Their goal was to reward the people who reached the target.

This bonus trip involved more than 250 participants, and we chose for them an immersive destination: Ibiza, an island famous for its amusement facilities, but that encloses unexplored traditions and nature at the same time.

incentive Fratelli Beltrame Ibiza

Where did we start from?

Gabriele made the primary work, following the firm step by step. Jessica contributed to the project providing all the graphic material; Elisa, together with 3 more co-workers took care of the customers’ stay on the island.

Why Ibiza?

We selected Ibiza because it is indeed one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea. But other than that, even though it does attract young people from all over the world, it still owns an untouched spirit, capable of fulfilling diverse needs.

incentive Fratelli Beltrame Ibiza

Who was it directed to?

Yes, Ibiza is the party island indeed, but that’s not all: Ibiza means also unspoiled nature, breathtaking landscapes and crystal-clear sea. That’s what made it perfect for the miscellaneous guests we were dealing with, which was consisting of families and different-aged people.

That’s why we came to a selection of various activities:

  • Jeep tour to of the outback of the island
  • Trip to Formentera
  • Ibiza by night, two nights
  • Dancing soiree with ballroom dancing

incentive Fratelli Beltrame Ibiza

Cherry on top: hippy-themed evening

We got the inspiration from the Wednesdays hippy market of Es Canar – colorful and popular bazaar attracting people from all over the world since the 70s- in order to celebrate the week spent in Ibiza. Of course with an unrenounceable white dress code and flower child set we partied all together!

incentive Fratelli Beltrame Ibiza

incentive Fratelli Beltrame Ibiza

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