What is a virtual event?

Events such as conferences, product presentations, conventions, seminars, workshops, concerts can be made virtual.

All it takes is one click to participate. We like to define the virtual event as a “no location” event, where your guests meet, interact and get enthusiastic without a physical contact or a logistical transfer.


How does it work?

In the virtual event, simply, with an internet or satellite connection, a PC or a mobile device, anyone can connect and participate in an event while it is broadcasted, recorded or live.

Thanks to our experience and a team of excellent high-tech partners, Iantra offers you the possibility to think and organize your next event in virtual mode.


virtual events for concrete and real results

The steps to take


The purpose

As with the face to face event, it is important to understand what the purpose of the event is. The analysis of the objectives and the target audience allows us to opt for the best solution in terms of timing, choice of location for recording or live broadcast, digital platform, level of immersive involvement of participants. We can help you to get the best results for your virtual event.

The planning

The organisational part is key and should not be underestimated. Our experience as event organizers allows us to follow you in the identification of the concept, creative development, content management. Our organizational secretariat will follow you in the pre-during-after-event phases, with all the necessary operations to ensure the success of the event and the involvement of your target audience. Invitations, guest management, control of operating procedures, feedbacks and reports are our specialities.

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    Depending on the needs and objective of your event, we will choose the right broadcasting platforms for an excellent result. The choice of platform depends on the complexity of the event, the surprise effect you want to achieve, the level of interaction you need to establish with participants and the budget. We can create events within a highly interactive live container, which includes rich content, multiple locations, interactions with various speakers and live chat-rooms. Led screen, full HD video shooting with broadcast direction, recording cameras, streaming of live contributions, videos, presentations, jingles, multimedia graphics on dedicated platforms, are some of the tools we can put in place with the help of valid partners. We can broadcast on a dedicated website or on the most used social media. We guarantee the constant monitoring of streaming quality through the live control room, and the creation of archives for on-demand use.


    The benefits

    It is precisely the use of technology that makes the virtual event a flexible, economical and emotionally appealing option. It is exactly the virtual event that if done well – and we can help you in this – can give access in a new, immersive, effective way to an audience that otherwise would not be reachable.

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