Incentive trips and team building are effective tools, more and more common, useful to increase the cohesion and the motivation of work groups and of the sales force.
Iantra plans original and amusing incentive trips for companies, with routes and activities that strengthen personal bounds, creating unforgettable and gratifying journeys.

During the incentive trip, we can provide a customized team building activity, such as the cooking show with two MasterChef participants organized for Svai or the Dragon Boat that took place through the canals of the historic centre of Venice during the D.A.S. incentive event.
Or even the safari with the Vespa 125 in the Tuscan countryside that delighted the Scania incentive event, and the treasure hunt with iPad on the streets of Bologna created for CY Calzature.

In order to organize successful incentive trips it is essential to outline the communication strategy of the company to make the choice of the ideal destination, a location that can inspire and enrich the participants.
Incentive trips or events promote more and more wellness activities, fitness and meditation, that helps with stress and improve the empathy and the communication in the company.

Beyond the planned activity, the participants are free to enjoy the destination, exploring never seen places and living unique and fascinating experiences.

Iantra is always observant of the fiscal and economic impact of the incentive trip, proposing detailed feasibility studies.
We can also offer the personalization of all the communication material, before, during and after the trip.
Thanks to our experience of incentive trips and events organizer, we can study for your company an original trip proposal, with contents created ad hoc and a careful logistical planning, to guarantee an incentive travel that will be etched in memory!

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Brasstech Oman Incentive

19 - 27 November 2023 | Oman

Incentive SVAI Ibiza

SVAI Ibiza 2023 Incentive

10 - 18 July 2023 | Ibiza

Incentive Fratelli Beltrame 2023 Grecia/Creta

Fratelli Beltrame Incentive 2023

10 June – 01 July 2023 | Greece/Creta

Studio Sauro Incentive

8 - 11 June | Salento

Incentive Trony Dalmine Langhe

Trony Langhe Incentive

7 - 8 May 2023 | Langhe

Incentive Scania Scozia

Scania Incentive Scotland

17 - 21 April 2023 | Scotland

Incentive Fratelli Beltrame USA

Fratelli Beltrame USA Incentive

7 - 14 October 2022 | Florida, USA

Studio Sauro Incentive Cinque Terre

Studio Sauro Incentive

23 - 25 September 2022 | Cinque Terre